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Love Velvet Rave Pasties


✦ SINGLE USE - Just peel-and-stick on clean, dry skin. All PASTEASE feature latex-free, medical-grade, waterproof adhesive that stay securely in place for as long as you like and until they are gently removed.

✦ PARTY FAVORITE - Conceal or Reveal with PASTEASE nipple pasties when worn with a sexy outfit, daring bikini, sheer top, revealing dress, Hefty bag, body lotion, crazy costume, party theme, or nothing at all!

✦ MOST COMFORTABLE - The most comfortable pasties, where comfort, function, and fashion meet in a superior nipple covering alternative. Easy to remove and leaves your skin feeling refreshed.

✦ DIMENSIONS - Dimensions: 3 x 2.5 inches, Coverage Diameter: 1.8”. Shaped to fit perfectly and form to fit your natural breast shape and size. Whether your cup size is an A, B, C, or DD+ you’ll love the discrete and seamless fit of PASTEASE.

✦ AMERICAN MADE - Hand-made in the USA. Manufactured and packed by our small family run business in Idaho! Made only of the highest quality and most comfortable materials. All PASTEASE products are hand-made, so the finished product you receive may vary slightly from the posted image.


✧ Apply to clean dry skin, free of lotions and oils.
✧ Position, press down firmly and smooth into place.
✧ Enjoy for hours and hours until gently removed.



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